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Metaphysics for everyone / Conny Méndez

Although many books have been written on the Laws of Thought, very few combine these laws with Spiritual Truth. “Metaphysics for everyone” is Conny Méndez’ English translation of her bestseller “Metafísica al alcance de todos”, which helps the reader take control of his life by harnessing his inner power and directing it through constructive channels, proving that “The Force is with You”.

Conny Méndez always believed that fundamental Spiritual, Philosophical and Metaphysical Truths should be stated in the plainest and simplest language, so that even any intelligent child could grasp them. Unfortunately, most writings in these great subjects have been very obscure, and full of technical jargon; but the author felt that to be totally unnecessary. Hence, the author tried as far as possible to avoid the use of technical terminology, and never employs a word of three syllables where a word of two syllables will do. Here again is another reason for the rousing success of this powerful “Book of Revelations”.

Author: Conny Méndez

Language: English

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